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Akhavan Food Inc.

Montreal’s Iranian / Mediterranean / Middle-Eastern Supermarket


Over Half a Century in Food Business 

The first Akhavan store was established in Montreal, Canada in 1989.

Apart from two retail stores, there is also a wholesale business based in Ville Saint-Laurent. The wholesaling business imports directly from Persia and other exotic locales around the globe, and distributes mainly to grocery stores in Canada.

Akhavan Food is an experienced importer and supplier of Mediterranean foods, and we provide a variety of healthy foods such as fresh dates, dried fruits, nuts, olive oil, and much more.

Akhavan brings a taste of Persia to Montréal.

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With two Grocery stores in Montréal, one Wholesale company and one Online Store, we make sure you will get want you want no matter where you are in Canada

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What People are Saying

The best way to know us is to read what others say about us.

“Go-to place for nuts and olives”

“Akhavan is the go-to place for nuts and olives, pickled turnips and vine leaves, marinated lamb and shish taouk, and oddities like halal Jamaican patties, rose jam and grape molasses.”

David Sherman

"Un must!"

“Akhavan: Ce supermarché d’une propreté exemplaire attire autant la communauté iranienne que les habitants de Notre-Dame-de-Grâce qui viennent s’y ravitailler en noix, olives, dattes autant qu’en viandes et pâtisseries. Un must!

Laura-Julie Perreault

“A delicious food adventure”

“This NDG grocery store boasts 10,000 sq/ft of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean products, ranging from halal meats, to dried beans, to a wide array of nuts and legumes. Ensuring to keep prices low, Akhavan also has a legit baked good section, making it a delicious food adventure for anyone with a sweet tooth. And if you’re driving, you’ll be pleased to know Akhavan has a rather large parking lot, too”

Michael D’Alimonte

“امپراطوری مواد غذایی و فرهنگی مونترال”

هر کسی مونترال می ره باید حتما یکسری به فروشگاه بزرگ برادران اخوان بزنه
این فروشگاه امپراطوری مواد غذايی و مواد فرهنگیه ایرانیه

امپراطوری ای به مساحت 500 متر مربع و ارتفاع چهارمتر و سی سانت. امپراطوری ای با رنگهای سبز و سرخ و نارنجی ، با طعم زیتون و انار و با بوی خورشت قیمه و با صدای تنبک و تار

فروشگاه اخوان خیلی توجه جلب می کنه. علت اینکه مغازه همیشه شلوغه
همه اجناس برق می زنه
فروشگاه از شیر مرغ توش پیدا می شه تا جون آدمیزاد
و احتمالا مثل یک فروشگاه بزرگ خارجیه ولی اجناس ایرانی هم داره

Behzad Bolour