Our Products

Our stores offer a variety of Mediterranean foods to fit any taste.
You can find Persian Pistachios, Hummus, Stuffed Vine Leaves, Indian and Iranian Rice, Halal Meat and Chicken, and so much more.

Our meat department provides many fresh and high quality products. We offer a wide selection of Halal meats which is permitted to be consumed according to the Islamic law.

At Supermarche Akhavan, our customers enjoy a variety of marinated meats, a variety of fine cuts of chicken, a wide range of beef, veal, lamb and much more.

We provide a great variety of exotic fruits and vegetables. All of our fresh fruits and vegetables are locally sourced and imported.

At Supermarche Akhavan, you can find a variety of breads such as Pita bread, Afghan bread, Markouk, Flat bread, Tortillas, Chapati, Nan bread and more.

Our famous Iranian Barbari and Sangak breads are produced daily at our warehouse, and has become one of our bestsellers.

We also have a variety of Middle-Eastern pastries. You will love our selection of baklavas stuffed with pistachios, our rice and chickpea cookies as well as our cream puffs you won’t regret trying.

And who can resist our delicious selection of Loukoom (Turkish delight) flavored with rose water, pistachios, walnuts, hazelnuts and many more falvors.

Akhavan’s cheese counters offer a wide selection of bulk cheeses, and a variety of pre-packaged cheeses.

Greek Feta, Bulgarian Feta, Canadian Feta, Labneh, Goat Cheese, Halloom Cheese, Akawie Cheese, Baladi Cheese, Nabulsi Cheese… You name it, we have it!

What would a grocery store be without basic dairy products such as milk, yogurt and butter? This is why we have a variety of dairy products available to you.

Always Fresh!

We are the pistachios and nuts specialist.

We offer more than 60 kinds of nuts such as Brazil Nuts, Almonds, Hazelnuts, Cashews, Macadamias, Peanuts, Pecans, Walnuts and Pistachios.

And, over 50 varieties of seeds such as Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Flax seeds, Sesame Seeds, and Melon Seeds.

We also offer many kinds of dry fruits such as raisins, dates, plums and apricots.

We have a great selection of olives from all around the world such as Kalamata olives, Lebanese olives, Moroccan olives, Turkish Olives. And many kinds of marinated olives.

We also carry many varieties of pickled vegetables such as:

Marinated Artichokes, Pickled Turnips, Marinated Mushrooms, Marinated cucumbers and more….

Akhavan’s grocery department offers a variety of rice imported from the Mediterranean and Middle East.

You will find here rices from all around the world including Iran, India, Egypt, Thailand, Turkey and Italy.

Akhavan offers more than 100 spices; whole and ground spices such as Oregano, Fennel Seed, Cumin, Turmeric, Sumac, Paprika, Turkish Pepper, Cardamom, All Spice, Garam Massala, Cloves, Cayenne Pepper and of course Saffron which is imported from Iran.

Do you have an important meal to prepare?!

Well, we have all the ingredients that you need to complete your dish to  perfection.

You will find fresh fruits and vegetables, halal meats, dry and canned products, spices, Olive oils, vinegars, rice, pasta and many other products.

With Akhavan, you will discover the flavours of the Mediterranean, the Middle-East and the rest of the world at the best prices.

Brands We Carry

An overview of brands that we sell